Red Brick Wall

Rough in texture and intention. Sharp crevasses and imperfections grasp at my delicate clothing and catch hold of my soft bare skin. 

Determined to scale this rugged red beast in the hopes of solidarity, peace, a fragrant breeze and a place to rest in the rays of a brilliant sun. 

Motivation is welling in my soul as I carefully traverse the twisted terrain. Thorns lean in to ensnare my thin and bare anckes. A thick red trickle of my burdened blood slowly streams  down my calf and onto the forest floor. 

My glance is quick to move upwards towards the brilliant golden rays humbly peeking over the brazen red bricks I must climb. 

Freedom is what I seek, yet the wall taunts- Laughs at my hesitance to scale that which brings fear and physical consequence. A conqueror. A lover of the light. I am. I will. 


Photos: all rights reserved. Not for personal or commercial use without permission.

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