In Search Of The Light: lessons in motion


IMG_0547For many years, I’ve struggled with finding the right light- both spiritually and photographically speaking.  Spiritually, the light which guides the journey; Photographically, light is one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of composition.

Today, I am gathering a few basic principals of lighting which can be used in a studio setting, as well as in a setting where you have little control over the lighting (such as an indoor sports arena.)


At The Studio: Setting The Scene

For a basic idea of how to apply lighting in a portraiture setting, check out: A Guide To Portraiture Lighting  provided by

I am one of the worst over-thinkers- PLUS is am blonde….and ADHD….. However, there is hope for folks like me!  Aside from the fact I can perform complex mathematical formulas,  I am also [well] known to forget how to take apart a simple light stand…AND accidentally throw the base across a beautiful set…BECAUSE I didn’t notice it was already unscrewed from the light fixture.

So, my point being, lighting is actually something any aspiring photographer can grasp. Keeping the basics in perspective IS KEY: simple perspective, of course.


Practice a few of the different lighting setups in the link above. Practice them over and over and over again.  Use different subjects so you can get a strong feel for the different facial structures and how they reflect light differently.

Remember, Photography is an art.  It is also a skill and a craft. When you study and learn the mechanics behind the art, you are able to allow your true artistic talent to flow and then the photos become your signature art.


IMG_0799First- to shoot in low-light scenarios, you need certain equipment in order to capture anything recognizable in your lens.

HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS IN LOW LIGHT is a great way to get your brain wrapped around the lowlight concept of photography.  My method of “shooting in the dark” has been built via a series of blazing trials and many errors.  I am forever a student. Period.

My basic practice includes wide aperture lenses (2.8) and a camera with the ability to handle high ISO.  In some cases, like when shooting the moon, I am able to use a tripod and slow the speed of the shutter WAY down (allowing light to enter.)

IMG_0494These days, I am shooting indoor action and a tripod is not possible given the movement required to capture the shots I need.  Practice is crucial; getting to know how different lighting fixtures can effect your shots is crucial.  Understanding how to manipulate your exposure composition within your camera and how your camera speed can be affected by your camera settings…is crucial.

With that said, I will be heading out to practice what I am preaching here.  I hope to return with some ingenious ideas [and factual findings] to help make shooting in difficult lighting a little easier for anyone willing to learn more.



The photo above was taken at an indoor sports complex.  I used my 70-200 2.8 with my Canon 7D: ISO 6400 (not recommended with this camera body) Speed: ~250 and no exposure compensation since it slows my camera down and uses ALOT of file space on my card.

I welcome you to share your experiences and photos pertaining to the subject of lighting. Leave your feedback in the comments below and/or link your photos and share your experience!


“And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” Genesis 1:3


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  1. Oh wow! You take professional photos 😊

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  2. I admire everyone who learns the art of photography and you for being determined to practice. Good luck!

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