Doors of Inspiration

Looking back…not too far back! Memories of Summer Time- when the weather was nice and warm.
Snuggled up in my saturday sweat pants,

The Beautiful (heart) Project

Old Town, Albuquerque Door Number 9 The gate which opens to many doors... The gate which opens to many doors… Old Town, Albuquerque Divine Doors

Doors of Old Town:

Old missions and countless art studios. It’s been a very colorful weekend with days spent trekking through the historical district called “Old Town” in Albuquerque, NM.

At one point, I even found myself in a museum of rattlesnakes!

A sum of intriguing architecture, brick pathways, beautiful courtyards and the aroma of roasted chilies infiltrated my senses. Definitely a place I will revisit.



In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door.”

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  1. tabitha59reachingout November 11, 2015 — 4:19 PM

    Gorgeous doors! 🙂

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    • Good Morning, Debbie! Thank you! So, how are you doing? I feel like I’m a bit out of the writing loop, however, I feel like I will be able to write more now. I’ve truly missed our blog chats! (Lol, that sounds too funny!)

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      • Hi Greta. I have missed them too. I have been busier than normal lately. Our son came with his family for a longer than normal visit, plus I have been doing some research and typing for our pastor. We have had colds, etc., etc. I haven’t been getting out the same amount of blogs lately either, but that’s okay. How is the photography business going? I am sure people love having you as their photographer. How are YOU? 🙂

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      • At the moment I’m am very tired but very good (by way of the soul!) I had my first event to photograph alone….some humiliating moments and then some absolute miracles. I just finished the main build on my husbands website and we are getting ready to move into a bigger house (less cost, though since it doesn’t have a pool.) Pools are way too expensive and way too much work if you don’t have a regular pool service to tend to it. Prayers are an absolute! I have a birthday to photograph tomorrow and an event next week- and football practice to shoot on Sunday after the baptisms. So I guess it’s going well and it’s God’s grace as I am still learning this skill!!!! I prayed for it, so I can’t fret, right?! I’ve also kept you in my prayers, Sweet woman! Xoxoxo Greta


  2. All of these doors are inspiring with color and design.

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