Day 7: Hook ’em with a quote- On The Importance of Bathing Daily!

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing.  That’s why we recommend it daily.” –Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar…Tony Robin’s buddy! Yes, it is all coming back to me now- hours spent sitting in conference rooms, watching these guys chant out their motivational logic. Sales men nodding their heads in glorious agreement the the “Zig Man.”

The Hook, Line and Stinker:

The part of this quote I like the most- and the reason I snagged it off the web…”Well, neither does bathing…”  Now if that ain’t the truth, I don’t know what is!  My children are going to burn me at the stake one day when (and if) they ever read all the awesome things I’ve written in reference to their precious little selves.

Bathing really hasn’t struck me as anything to write about…or sometimes even do myself…haha I’m kinda kidding.

IMG_1448Recently, I have been introduced to the lovely aromas of hormonally shifting little bodies.  Man, it’s no joke.  The first time our oldest brought home a welcome note from her teacher requesting the parents to “please purchase deodorant for your children…” I thought WOW, this lady has issues with cleanliness.  I wonder if her OCD has been diagnosed and if maybe she has neglected to take the proper RX to treat this gross OCD issue she’s experiencing!

Shame-shame on me! I’m now in the “thick” of the not-so-great odors which radiate from all three children in the afternoon heat!  They come running through the kitchen, drop their bulging backpacks and head strait into my arms for their afternoon home-from-school hugs.  Their sweaty heads just perfectly in line with my face…Need I expand on this, or are you “catching my drift?” HAHA- not my drift, actually…their “drift” and like I said, it ain’t no joke.

This “drift” will catch your breath and it is hard to catch it back! And how do you tell a precious little person they are gagging you with their stench after they have been off at school all day? They’ve been working their little fingers to the bone and they come home strait into your arms, full of love…

Now, that is a question I have yet to answer.  Incase you’re wondering, I do have them shower after dinner or at some point in the evening.  My husband and/or I send them through twice if the shampoo doesn’t make it all the way through their hair or they still (miraculously) have dirt on the end of their noses.

Zig is correct: Bathing is something which needs to be done on a daily basis. The fresh smell of soap does not last much longer than a day.  Take it from me, as I speak from the stenches of experience!

“Since we have these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God.” 2 Corinthians 7:1

Have a Blessed Day!


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  1. tabitha59reachingout September 16, 2015 — 1:48 PM

    This was good AND funny. Thanks for my daily chuckle. 🙂

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    • My pleasure! My little guy came through the door today- stinky as ever and this time with an added element….he apparently had to brake really hard for a squirrel on his way home, therefore causing some scrapes on his shins…and an attack by a crazy praying mantis which latched on and wouldn’t let go! Whew! Such an adventure!

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      • tabitha59reachingout September 16, 2015 — 2:06 PM

        Yes, kids are certainly never boring! I have only seen a praying mantis a few times. I would not want one of them latching onto me either!


  2. Great quote. A very good and insightful post

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  3. If their hair stinks it’s the soap is not fully rinsed from their hair and absorbs the odors all day like a magnet. My son had the same problem. 😊

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  4. Oh, Greta! You can combine humor/wit with inspiring and eye-opening message. This is just awesome. 🙂

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  5. Love it! Brings back memories of teaching 30, 14 year boys straight after lunch in a very enclosed space on a hot summer’s day! And I do my best to avoid walking past the shoe boxes where 700+ student remove their shoes every morning and change into their indoor sneakers! Whiffy!!!!!

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    • Oh, man! I feel (sick to my stomach) for you! My issues are nothing in comparison to being in a room with that many stinkers!!! Lol my mom is a teacher, also (mid-high for over 8 years and now 4th and 5th grades) and she has mentioned this issue many times, however, I never really caught on until recently.


      • Lol and in NZ I decided to have my kids take off there shoes in the class room. The door they entered from was near my whiteboard. I had the school handyman make me a shoe shelf. Man that was a dumb move. Very stinky at times and there was the odd day they last kid would be left looking at a pair of shoes that were a couple of sizes too small and obviously not his!

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      • LOL, Leanne! I am trying not to imagine- since I’m doing the dreadful tasks of eating while reading and also editing photos- all at the same time! Stinky shoes are the WORST! Lol I have thrown decent shoes away (belonging to my son) because we couldn’t tackle the smell! I can ONLY imagine what you were dealing with!!!

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      • Smelly shoes are the worst!!!!! When I took that world trip I especially went a bought an expensive well known brand of sandal, 1) because they were comfortable and 2) because the salesperson assured me the soles had some great bacterial devouring property and they would not get stinky. MMMMMMN not true. My friend and I nearly killed ourselves by stinky feet asphixation in an overnight train carriage. After nearly gassing several dormitory rooms and being mortified at the thought of been known as that old chick with the smelly shoes I finally threw them away and got a pair of extremely ugly but comfortable and non odorous ECCO sandals. Great for Travel!

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      • Lol!!! I think there is a gene some people posses (yes, me included) which lends itself to a greater “risk” of stinky shoes.
        Are you referring to Danskos? I have a couple of Danskos and I haven’t defiled them yet. The one brand of comfortable shoes I own, which are surprisingly un-stinky, are my Uggs. I have a pair of boots (the kind you’re not supposed to wear with socks) which have stayed decent for almost 8 years! They are the ugg-liest boots ever, though…Lol I think I should stop my stinky feet confessions!
        ❤️I just love your train carriage story!


      • No they were Keens. so enough nasty toe cheese stories! let’s move on to more frangant things! consider yourself presented with a bunch of spring flowers from NZ! Daffodils I think!

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      • sorry! forgot you were eating!!!!


      • my kids meaning my students!

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      • I figured you were referring to your students! That would be far too many children in one home.
        I’m not sure what happened to your NZ flowers reply- my computer is busy being very slow with processing photos and I’m using the iPad- I have a tendency to erase and mess things up on the pad…grrr so, THANK YOU for the flowers! ❤️


      • lol well that many kids would explain wrinkles and gray hair!


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