The TREASURE I have discovered,
The REGRET I have released,
This is not my HOME- it is my journey,
As LOVE becomes the basis of my being,
Any UNCERTAINTY fades into the darkness,

…mysteries unfold before my soul.

Now, which prompt resonates and begs for my attention? Amazingly enough, they all do and they all go together, in my (obvious) opinion. In keeping with the guides of Writing 101, I am forced (drama added) to chose ONE…Yes, I’m going to have to draw for it- I cannot decide.

Drumrollllllll…….it is SECRET! YAY!


What is a secret? Is it something you do not know because it is hidden? Perhaps a secret is a cover-up for something shameful.  In the sense of being a noun, a secret could be a place where you go to get away from the craziness of this world.

To me, a secret can be mysterious.  Imaginative pictures flood my mind- of a beautiful garden with an elaborately detailed doorway covered in lush vines…Once inside the garden, there is a simple, yet beautiful white victorian bench, perfectly placed where the rays of sunshine are beaming through the amazingly fragrant and brilliant blooms.

IMG_4159This mysteriously and beautifully serene garden births perfection and peace; clarity and vibrancy.  Because it is a secret, you will never find me basking on the beautiful white victorian bench…for it is my secret place. Through my journey to finding my secret place, I have learned something which has allowed me to understand why secrets can be so precious once discovered.

As individuals, we have our own lives, lessons and purposes to ascertain- should we accept the mission given us.  Each person is tasked differently and to judge one another is a waste of time and energy that we could be issuing to our journeys.

We also have our own secrets: some light and some dark.  I am learning to allow light to pierce the darkness of my soul so that my own secrets realized can flourish in the light.  Countless books, documentaries and movies have been created- each claiming to expose the many secrets of the universe. Do these entities actually hold the secrets and unlock the hidden places of the deep? Perhaps they do…however, I think the answer is ultimately held by the one who seeks after their own secrets. Only then will a person be able to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

FELLOW_PHOTOGSpeaking from a less mystical/mysterious stance, history reveals that it is indeed our own wills which hinder our growth.  From brutal rulers who crush entire gene-pools, to philanthropists who seek higher sources for their leadership efforts. (These higher sources being spiritual sources- more specifically, the One True God, who IS.)

One secret in which I am well aware:  If a soul isn’t looking for God, he(she) won’t truly find God.  This truth will remain a secret (even though I have typed it out into a legible form) if the person reading this doesn’t want to “see” what I am typing. The secret is no longer a secret for those who seek the answers.

“And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness–secret riches.  I will do this so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name.”  Isaiah 45:3 (NLT)

Note: I am currently studying a series which dives deep into understanding the meaning of the Bible.  If you are moved to learn more, you can join the study at UNSEENWORD.COM




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  1. This is probably your best post… too bad the link is not to my studies (It’s close, but not quite right… I’ve been too broke to pay for the domain name and mapping. My full time “job” has been pouring myself into the research and writing of it, but it makes no money. It’s only by the grace of God and for the sacrifices of Teresa working to support us through this stage and in believing in this mission that I can spend so much time trying to unravel the mysteries that pull so hard on my spirit and compel me to understand. There is so much yet to share, so much we have all been missing hidden in plain sight right before our eyes. Your post is about secrets and what a great mystery he has given us. A mystery wanting to be solved will continue to provide clues but a mystery that wishes to remain a secret will constantly draw away… this mystery is ready as the clues have painted out such a glorious picture as a road map to resolving the mysteries of the human soul and I wanted to personally thank you for believing and reading and sharing this journey of healing and discovery. With all my appreciation, bless you sweet sister and I hope your healing keeps growing the blossoms of fruit of the Holy Spirit I see working its magic within you.


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    • Before I go on reading- if you click the link it does go to your page. Please try it and let me know if it doesn’t for you- it did on my end.

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      • Insert embarrassed face… it works fine.

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      • Oh, Thank God! the only reason I didn’t put the full link name as the link name is because on your page you have it as the If you think it would be better to put in the entire link, I can do that.
        And Thank you for your response to my writing. I pray for your’s and Teresa’s ministry pretty much every day. I am so blessed to have you two in my life, even though it is through blogging. I was telling Brooks- it’s really not much different from my relationships here in the sense that most of the people I talk to on a fairly regular basis is usually through email or text, with the exceptions for bi monthly meetings through small group or events. I’m really not extroverted at all. I think I’ll go ahead and write my assignment about that for today- and stop rambling…;)

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      • We consider you a friend too… too bad you guys live so far away, otherwise we would have you guys over for dinner and maybe even a movie sometimes.

        FYI a new chapter is posted. 🙂

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      • We live so close but so far… I am getting a new dog this weekend and she lives in Phoenix- I was going to find a way to get over to pick her up next week, but it’s just too difficult with all the kid’s schedules. Eventually we will be going out there- my step-mom is going to teach me the basics of the dark room and I really need to visit my parents and sisters more often…OK, headed to the new Chapter!

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  2. Dear Greta 🙂

    You have a beautiful heart and it’s not a secret anymore 😉

    “As individuals, we have our own lives, lessons and purposes to ascertain- should we accept the mission given us. Each person is tasked differently and to judge one another is a waste of time and energy that we could be issuing to our journeys.”

    So true!

    You paint a beautiful picture with words on secret.

    And your website is so full of beautiful riveting pictures.

    I wish you very best.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  3. My evening is just getting better and better! Thank you for sharing this lovely bubbly post.

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