I Write Because..

I write because it helps untangle the mess of wires in my mind so I can focus on God’s direction for my life. -Me

Writing, journaling and doodling: sometimes neatly and sometimes so incredibly harsh that the paper I’m writing upon tears. My thoughts, my emotions, my voice are transmitted through my pen. It is released from the bondage of my mind and sorted out upon the many pages of paper it takes to get it all out. Upon the invention of the keyboard, I have learned to obtain some of the freedom a simple pen and paper can provide, however, quite honestly, nothing beats my raggedy old journal accompanied by my makeup bag full of writing utensils.


My mind generally moves a lot faster than my spoken words could possibly come out.  For instance, I am already thinking about what I am going to write as a conclusion to this WordPress Writing 101 assignment. I am wondering which picture(s) I should use with this post.  I am thinking about who might end up actually reading this post and what they are thinking when they read it and if they are taking the same course as I am at this time…

So, back to the subject: I write because…

I write because I don’t like to talk too much.  The problem with that is I have many thoughts which never make it out into the open because I tend to listen to people talk a lot more than I actually interject with my own thoughts. People who talk over other people aggravate me in a bad way. Because of that aggravating aggravating factor, I hesitate to place myself in the position to be talked over- or to be the person talking over another (my husband will disagree with this statement because he is special and gets to hear a lot more of my thoughts than most people.)


Writing is freedom.  It allows one to pour their thoughts out and then go back over the thoughts before they have the chance to become insignificant or just disappear altogether.  Writing privately (a.k.a. journaling) is like organizing internal chaos; publishing these thoughts is where true freedom is realized, for me, anyway. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good- writing is like a documentary of the soul being actualized.  Steps can be traced, plans can be enforced, life can be more than just a passing shadow that disappears when you turn a corner.


My purpose for writing is ever-evolving.  The point is for the evolution to take shape in truths learned through the ups and downs of the mundane.  One way the truths are realized (for me) is through the reflections I see in my writing, in other’s writing and then in the way seemingly dramatic thoughts are snuffed out like an old-fashioned candle.  The drama of a situation tends to fizzle out once placed out in the open.  It is when thoughts are expressed in a tangible form: via paper or screen where they can take true flight to their true purpose (if there happens to be a purpose;)


Why do I write?  I’m sure my answer will be slightly different in future tenses.  For now I write because it is my voice, my mirror and it is my passion set free.  I have always been very soft-spoken and a few years back I lost my voice (literally.) It hasn’t fully returned and is extremely horse when my allergies are bad.  I never liked the sound of my voice and after truly losing it, I miss my “old” voice which I despised for so many years! So, now I write even more.


If you’re new to my blog, I welcome you.  This my journey to finding soul peace and to share my faith experiences.  God is my purpose and the only reason I even bother writing with the intent of sharing.  The blessings and lessons I’ve experienced and will continue to experience go way beyond any written words, however, I am compelled to share that which can be written.

All for His Glory,


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  1. Wow, Greta. Were you reading my mind this morning? 🙂 Well-said! These are many of the reasons I started blogging. I have a difficult time communicating with people verbally. I always worry about saying the wrong thing or speaking at the wrong time. With writing I can edit after it’s on paper or screen… can’t exactly do that once I’ve spoken.

    I blog to straighten out my tangled thoughts too. Thank you for sharing this today. It’s nice to know there are kindred spirits out there!

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  2. Greta, This is a beautiful and heartfelt piece. Touched and very impressed! Made me smile when you said your husband would disagree. I am going back to re read again. Looking forward to working through this course with you! Leanne

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  3. Your post resonated with me. I find writing very cathartic, and at one time it felt like the only voice I had. Not so much anymore, as I am now in a good and safe place and have never been more free to voice my thoughts and feelings….at least to Daniel. I am an introvert and have also experienced trauma to my voice due to past abuse. Like you I would rather listen than participate, despite the urging to “speak up” and even lead.

    As I find balance within myself, I find less and less of a need to write, but find that I also miss it terribly at times. I suppose it is time to find a new purpose for my writing! I love the passion you put into your words! Never lose that passion….especially when it is to share the glory of His work in your life!

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    • You said it perfectly: the balance within is lessening that NEED to write. More and more, I am finding a peace within my core and I haven’t had that compelling urge to write nearly as much. I don’t want to make it seem as though everything is peaceful-so many components of my thinking are “under fire” right now. It’s just a peace, and as you described it- it’s a safe place. It’s knowing God is unveiling His purpose and it’s a solid place with a lot less fear.
      Your writing has been blessing after blessing for me personally. I don’t want to put pressure on you, but I really look forward to your posts about bread or working out- you write about living within God’s design. You are an encourager and you have a beautiful gift with your words and your passion for life.
      Thank you you SO MUCH for responding with such understanding. Having you as my sister in Christ is precious to me.

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