Cee’s Blog has the most exciting challenges- and she doesn’t leave you hanging, either! This amazing woman and her blog is definitely one of my favorites!

Here are a few (of the many) “odd ball” photos from this past week…I don’t think I could’ve created a more random post?? Enjoy!


Gated arguments in balance.
My swimming buddy…yes, i saved him from drowning after the “photo shoot”!

Playing with filters.


Order of the pool toys… not so orderly.
Guardian of the encyclopedias…yes, some people still have actual books!
I have a “thing” for random colorful posts…
Sans tripod…frustrations…that’s moon “art” lol
Jack, the photo-bomber!
The street dog of the family. He’s practicing for for his upcoming Calvin undie shoot!

They are called “energy” and are supposedly for running … so far they are really fun to photograph while I think about taking a run!
Have a Blessed Week!



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  1. I like the moon shot. 🙂 So when are you going to break in your running shoes?

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    • Haha. When? ….ummmmmm…..I’m looking at a gym schedule right now…..😬

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      • Tapping fingers… That gym isn’t going to come to you is it? I’m actually starting to like the gym. I have a looong road ahead till I’m healthy but I’m loving the progression. Teresa and I have been going about 3-4 times a week. Some days it feels like pulling teeth but it really is MIND, SPIRIT & BODY.

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      • It’s harrrrrrd waaaaaaah! Brooks used to compete in bodybuilding so up until last year, we were always working out…then we moved and never started back up. I have been waiting for him to say, “let’s go!” But he’s not saying that, and I can’t blame him for my lack of drive. Whew! Now I need a nap!😉

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      • Yup, whining takes a lot out of you… NOW MOVE IT SISTER! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! :D… (and do your lessons)

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      • Lessons! Yes! Much more important that working out!!! I’m ready for the next lesson- I don’t move as fast as I used to…

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      • I’m working on it… It’s a lot of work to make those lesson posts but I think they’re worth it. I hope they’re making sense to you. It’s a whole other way of thinking and looking at Bible that most people can’t see because they don’t know how to see it and don’t realize it’s there. Always seeing and never perceiving, always hearing and not understanding. But once you learn how to see it I think it’s the most amazing book ever written… In my opinion it proves the existence of God. Real people and places whose lives are orchestrated into a self-help book.


  2. I enjoyed the photos, they remind me of summer vacations from long ago.

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  3. Greta, I enjoyed all of these but got a kick out of the World Books. We had a set exactly that color when I was growing up and then had a different set when our girls were younger. As for books, we have a plethora!!


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  4. I like this series of photos. I like the girls shoes in the first photo and you shoes in your last photo. They are my favorites.


    • Thank you, Cee! The the heart shaped shot is one from when I was practicing the technique you suggested- it’s very hard to get a good, clear shot with the 75-300mm. I think I need to do push-ups and strengthen my arms! Lol


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