Perfect Imperfection

Memories revived…Mountains being removed. Words shuffle through my mind and then I pray for clarity. The Spirit of God moves and anxiety fades into thankfulness and praise.  

One verse has been glued to my thoughts all day: Revelation 8:8.


Revelation Meditation
For some reason, I never made it past that verse which I read in a study series this morning at📖 

I headed out to meet my Grandmother for lunch and a song by Plumb reverberated throughout my car as I drove on the crowded Interstate. It touched my heart with these words:

“It’s ok, to not be ok…” -Plumb

Clarity. We are made to be broken. Just like a new pair of shoes- they are not comfortable while you’re breaking them in, however, once broken in, they are useful and can perform their proper function. 

The battle is not mine to figure out. Mine is of faith to allow God the uncluttered space to complete His work. It is in having perfect imperfection, knowing He is the one Who removes the blazing mountains and throws them into the sea. 

Remembering Who I belong to- more than memories are being revived right now. I watch in awe as the mountains are indeed crumbling. 

In His Love,


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