A Common Thread

With joy in my heart, I write briefly, as a sort of “checking in.”  

Life has been a flash of color for the past month or so…moving faster than the speed of light. 
Like an old fashioned filmstrip: many pictures blurred together at a fast rate of speed reveal a common thread of truth to my soul…

Not everything is to be taken literally. 

I need to meet with God daily and allow Him to renew my mind So I can see the truth in the lessons I’m being taught.  My focus is on God: Everything I do, I do with the intentional glorification of The Kingdom of God.

Removing myself from physical reflections and seeing through new eyes: wide open eyes through the Spirit of God. 
Finding beauty in the seeming ugly and discarding what was once considered so beautiful.  

My prayers are for unity and love through God: in the universe, the world and each individual.

“More of You, Less of Me

Celebrate God’s Glory

Never what is not of God

Keep God HOLY.” 

(SCC Pastor, Todd Cook)

Have a blessed weekend!


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  1. That was a lovely post with which to begin a Sunday morning. You help keep me focused.

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    • Hi Anne! It is definitely from God (your blessed focus!) I am honored to help and I pose you’ve had a wonderful Sunday! I’m dying to post about what I had the honor of witnessing today: close to 500 baptisms in one place! I’m just in a state of awe, at this point. Complete Awe!

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  2. tabitha59reachingout July 25, 2015 — 2:50 PM

    Beautiful post, Greta. Thank you. Loved the flowers. 🙂

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  3. Brooks & Greta Hartmann July 25, 2015 — 2:45 PM

    Another beautiful post my love.

    I Love You  Brooks Hartmann

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  4. A great post with a reminder to look to God at all times when you are feeling down.

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