Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge- Older Than 50 Years 

This challenge almost got me in HUGE amounts of trouble! 

When I told my Mom (my Mumsie) she’d be featured in my blog…as an antique….she forbade me.  She said I’d be grounded for life and she’d take away my camera and give it to someone who actually understands how to use it properly. 

…..ok…..that conversation never happened, but I did find a really neat old Schwinn on her patio! 

The pictures of her bike: taken with my new Activeon camera- this new camera is taking some practice, however, I love the way the pictures look in the 4x mode. Brights look like they are crisp and 3D, while the rest has a strange blur effect. To me, this is exciting…🌟


Next in the OLD stuff line-up: the bridge in my grandparent’s back yard.  It’s OLD. Period. It’s also very sturdy and great great grandchildren run on it all the time. It doesn’t even hesitate when I walk on it! Lol  
Now for an OLD building I am completely intrigued by: The Basket & Rug Shop in Albuquerque Old Town (with my iPhone!) 

The picture shown after the basket shop is of my old husband….Just Kidding!!! He’s not old enough to make it into the antique line-up…yet. The wall behind him is, however, an old wall- Taken in Old Town at the plaza. 


It is TIME to complete this voyage of “things over 50 years old” with a very nostalgic clock from my grandmother’s kitchen. This clock is bright red, in it’s full-color brilliance and is in every picture taken in the kitchen since the 1950’s. Yes, it is still in the same place today and it still works just fine!  
Thank you for stopping by! 

Have a blessed old week! 

🎀Greta, with a fine appreciation for real old stuff!

For more photo fun and or to participate, visit Cee’s blog:
Click HERE! http://ceenphotography.com/2015/07/16/cees-black-white-photo-challenge-older-than-50-years/


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  1. I laughed at the imagined conversation with your mom. I’m the relic in our family — only my husband is one year older, and we are more than 20 years past your “old” marker of 50. In our family, the camera protest comes from our children, one in particular. Our son groans when I aim the camera at him, so much so that I now always ask if he is willing to be in a picture.

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    • So, I showed my MUMSIE the post and she laughed, also:) then I tried to take a picture of my daughter and what I got was a big purple bag in the lens! They will pay!!! Just wait until their future spouses see their grimaces!!! Muahaha. I’ll have to do a post featuring the camera blocks!
      God bless you this lovely Sunday, Anne!

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  2. These are great photos for this week’s entry. Thanks ever so much for participating. Looks like you had fun with this challenge. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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