A Note: Should I Die Before I Wake

I just love how the blog screen prompts, “what’s on your mind.”…hmmm. 

Well, maybe a different topic than I had when I logged in? I don’t want to be a liar and post in a rogue fashion that doesn’t answer the prompt honestly!

So, what is on my mind? Overwhelming gratefulness is my first thought. 

I’m concerned about my health, however, not really worried about much more than my husband, children and family knowing how much I love them and appreciate them.  

When I leave this world to be with my Father, I want to know their hearts are in His hands.


Have you ever felt like something was slightly off- perhaps a touch of malaise, healthwise? It’s a bit ironic for me because this is a time when I should feel extremely healthy…

I’ve dumped my worst bad habits. Even more so than the physical, I have dumped a lot of really bad spiritual habits, as well.

My intense gratitude hit me to the point of joyful little tears this evening as I was leaning on the washer waiting for my fluffy comforter be finished? As though the Holy Spirt whispered in my ear, “did you see that?”

“You’re at peace…It’s the end of a long day and your favorite comforter turned out to be unfinished and soaking wet…you’re not even upset…you’ve been blessed with PEACE!”

This scenario may sound silly, however, I had been looking forward….REALLY looking forward, to plopping down on my bed WITH my soft, clean, fluffy blanket; not plop down, knowing I’d have to get back up because my job as a housewife was running into overtime.

So, here is a verse that has been of great comfort as I have taken the road less traveled in my walk with God:

“Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” ISAIAH 41:10

If you’ve been in a church for any period of time, you’ve probably heard this verse recanted many times.  So have I and its finally taking on the most amazing meaning in my soul. 

Discouragement: I know it so very well. 

FEAR: my HUGE flaw. 

Strength: oh, how I need God’s help in every breath I take! 

Finally, to be held with the strongest, most faithful, graceful, beautiful Hands! Not only held, but held UP!

Praise God! The words in that verse mean so much more to me after truly going through the life I’ve gone through…so far. 

I do not balk at my walk, for I KNOW, by my own personal experience, that Our Lord is no liar! 

Those words are alive and I pray we all get to feel them and experience them every moment we breathe the air in this world.

Humbly Blessed,

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