Feeding The Fire

Even the most blistering of fires will eventually dwindle to ash if not fed. -Robin Dance (featured writer at inCourageHer.com)

Robin was referring to her article about marriage with the above quote. So often, and this is my opinion, marriage advise is applicatable to so much more than marriage. Aren’t we the brides of Christ, as Christians? 

 This morning, I need to let go of a nagging oppression. This oppression begins within my soul and it’s called “weakness.” The weakness in me is my connection to the world. I’ve been confused and unwilling to face THE TRUTH for the majority of my life. 

Why? There are too many reasons why and now I want to focus on the TRUTH. 

 Weakness: mine is like a newly wed couple who’s fires of love burn like a wild beach party Bon fire. I LOVE GOD. I’ve always loved God (and accepted Jesus into my heart in 3rd grade.) Like so many Christians, my devotion to Christ has been a yo yo, a roller coaster and sometimes a complete disappearing act. 

 My heart can’t take anymore separation from my Father. I can’t go with “the flow” ever again. God has revealed far too much for me to let this fire fade. 

No more rationalizing. My prayer, my plead to God is desperate! Lord take me. Take my life. Guide me in your light through the Holy Spirit. Hold me tight, Lord. Please don’t ever let me go from your strong embrace! 

 What I once thought was evil, is not always evil. What I once thought was good, is not always good. 

I’m not confused- like I once was- I’m in His Hands. Humans are the masters of reason. I’ve been one of the best. 

Love. Agape. This is my reason. It is HIS reason. 

It is His Grace which allows a smoldering fire to be rekindled. His Mercy is the warm blanket covering our cold souls as we rebuild the fire we so carelessly abandoned- The fire I have carelessly abandoned so many time before. 

My prayer is for the fire to be sustained at a brilliant blaze: shared and tended by those who choose to live in His grace.  Growing daily with undying passion for His Kingdom.

Blessings, Greta

Photos: All of the photos in this post were taken in the rattle snake museum (some with my iPhone and others with the “big camera”.)


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  1. tabitha59reachingout July 7, 2015 — 12:33 PM

    Loved this and love your heart. As I read this blog, I prayed the things you spoke of and near the end, I prayed for you and I. God bless you, friend. 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Uniquely Designed Individuals and commented:
    The love of God goes way beyond our human understanding, and my prayer is that we would love others as Christ first loved us … Shalom 🙂

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