Let’s Pause. 

“Laying a life up against the chest of His Word, and hearing the steady beat of His heart, is the only soundtrack that strengthens the human heart.” ~ Ann Voskamp

Pause, if you can. Take in a deep breath. Silence your soul for a moment and look around.  If the scene is hectic, close your eyes. Block out the noise and Allow your face to soften as you breath in. Relax your neck and shoulders. Keep breathing. 

Thank God for His beautiful peace. If only for a few moments, You can revive and recenter your soul In Him.

Mondays can be overwhelming as the racing gates are released and we set out to conquer all the demands of this life. The other day, I lost my keys (nothing new.) I searched calmly (at first) until I became highly agitated when they weren’t in any of my usual “drop” points.

Finally, I’m sweating the worst kind of sweat: stress sweat, when it occurs to me I haven’t even asked for help. Call it pride, as I have a pinge of guilt once the realization hits me. 

Is it silly to pray to God to help you with something as minuscule as finding your keys? 

No. As soon as I paused and remembered Who I serve, I was able to relax and find my keys. It is the small things in life, sometimes, which can cause the greatest frustrations. 

Perspective is Imperative. I dare you to say that 10 times and pray it gets stuck in your mind like song lyrics. 

Like catchy lyrics, The Word of God plays in my mind and in my heart. The choice (to pause and listen to the voice of God) is ours. 

Today, I have paused, if only for a moment and it is beautiful!

Father, Thank You for your patience as you wait on us to pause and look to You. I pray You grant peace to those who seek Your Kingdom today. Let your beauty be realized and then sing through our hearts. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Have a BLESSED Monday,



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  1. Reblogged this on Totally Inspired Mind… and commented:
    I know it isn’t Monday any longer but I’m refreshed and renewed after reading my good friend Greta Hartmann’s wonderful post on stopping to pause, relax and ask for God when you’re feeling stressful.
    I felt that way most of the latter part of the day but it’s a new Tuesday and may all the over 2000 followers of Totally Inspired Mind know joy, know peace and take the time to pray and tell God what you need- big or small.

    Paulette L Motzko


  2. What a lovely reminder to pause for God’s presence!


  3. Thanks for the reminder to slow down, relax and trust God.

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