Don’t Be A Gullible Soldier!

“Run the race with eternity in view.” -David McCasland

American Independance Day, aka, The 4th of July, brings to mind battles of many kinds. Growing up, I was a “semi” military brat (my step father was in the reserves.)  I have great reverence for all the men and women who serve their country: in and out of battle and war. 

  • I am moved by the letter Paul wrote to Timothy at a time when people were beginning to discredit true biblical teachings.
  • 2 Timothy 4 
  • This scripture serves as a reminder and an admonishment to “all who have ears to hear” (or eyes to read!) 
  • Here is a link to the  Bible App if you would like to read the full chapter (which I strongly suggest!)

Paul is passing the charge to Timothy.  Paul’s time is short- he’s urging Timothy to take the same care and deliberance in preaching the gospel. 
In the same way, we need to read this letter so we are better prepared when setting out to spread the gospel. 

This time has already come. It’s important to be on guard because even the least likely people will twist the truth to suit their lifestyles (some unknowingly.)

Knowing and being aware. This is great preparation for “battle” so you are not blindly walking into snares of untruthful doctrines. Knowing people’s ears are turned away and searching for what suits their desires- it gives us that extra layer of endurance. 



Paul writes about his struggles and his victories. He writes these letters so future generations can follow his direction and glean the knowledge from his divine experiences. He writes to provide a vision of victory and encouragement. 

Finally, we need to know and remember: The Battle is The Lord’s. We are His soldiers.  What an HONOR!

My prayer is for all Christians to know Who’s Battle they are fighting- it is not of this world. I pray for strength, endurance and wisdom as we put on God’s armor every day.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.



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