“I have chosen the way of faithfulness;

I have set my heart on your laws.

I hold fast to your statutes, LORD;

Do not let me be put to shame.

I run in the path of your commands, 

For you have broadened my understanding.”

PSALM 119: 30-32 (NIV)

A beautiful summer storm. Lightning is flickering in the distance and I grab my camera.  It has been a very hot day with lots of noise and impromptu schedules. 

The Perfect Storm Is Rolling In!
I’m not sure how long I attempted to capture this magnificent light show, however, I am sure it was brief- I was out of energy, imagination, patience. All I could think, as the bolts taunted me with their quickness, was: “this is an awful lot like fishing…and it’s NOT my thing!”

How quickly I had dismissed the wonder I have been desperately wanting to capture for so long! Why? Because of a lack of focus from too many distractions. 

The Bright Yellow Mug of Insipration!
Confession of the morning: yesterday was a day in the jumbled fast-lane of life because I did NOT take the extra time to FOCUS on my relationship with God before setting out to tackle my ” to-do” list.

Sure, I prayed. I assured myself I would be perfectly grounded- after all, wasn’t I conversing with my Father all day, anyway? 

The ultimate answer is, NO. I wasn’t perfectly grounded. I talked to God all day, alright! Pleadingly! “Lord, save me” prayers were quite frequent, actually. 

So, after a nudge from the Holy Spirit, I am sitting here in the morning hours with the Word of God opened on my lap.  I’m surrounded with my usual: coffee in my favorite bright yellow giraffe-print mug, 3 different media divices, my journal and journaling pen, and 2 sweet dogs (who are patiently awaiting our usual morning survey of the back yard.) Most importantly, I am surrounded with My Father’s wisdom. I’m saturating my soul in His grace. It feels amazing! 

Lilly Dog
One of the most amazing and astounding gifts: sight. God recently blessed me with a completely different set of eyes: eyes that see Him in an astoundly brilliant majestic way. A way with no fitting explanation. It is truly beautiful and I NEVER want to cover this sight with blurred vision or distraction. 

Blessings of Sight
My prayer: Father, Open our eyes so they my TRULY SEE how BEAUTIFULLY WILD AND EXCITING AND AMAZING YOU ARE! let us see through the distractions in this world: the unimportant details, politics, cultures and all the distractions which aren’t needed in our journeys with You. I PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME, LORD! Thank you for your LOVE and MERCY given freely!

In Jesus’ Precious Name, AMEN

Blessed to be able to share,




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  1. I love your opening quote.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well needed post on slowing down and spending time with God! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Got good vibes from this post. I’m highly creative during storms. They ignite something in me.


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