Finding Freedom in Discipline 

Nothing of value is really attained without discipline. -Rick Bosche

What does it mean to “Live Free”? Years of bumps and bruises from trying to live the wrong kind of free has led me to a beautiful understanding of what FREE really means. 

  • Freedom from authority- took me strait to the chopping block of the authority I was fleeing. 
  • Freedom from pain via unhealthy distractions- took me (and those around me) deeper into the pits of real pain.
  • Freedom from discipline- took me nowhere I wanted to be.

Reflecting on my misinterpretation of what freedom means reminds me of where I was and where I do not want to end up again. 
Every Wednesday evening, my husband and I attend a service at our church called “Living Free”.

This  service is short, bitter sweet (at times) and is geared towards freedoms for ALL “hang-ups.” If you’ve got an issue: loss, depression, substance abuse, past pain, etc…this service will prompt you in the right direction.  

That direction, incase it’s not obvious, is God- Acceptance of the Cross and Jesus- Who died on that cross so that we could be FREE. 

Today, I share my notes from this week, as they moved me to be ever vigilant of my salvation. My desire is to diligently keep in-step with my faith so I never forget the true meaning of Freedom.

Spiritual disciplines:
1. Take a personal inventory (daily)
2.  Surrender: start the day giving the control to God.
3. Read God’s Word: daily purifies us (laziness and complacency, our own selfish desires) “right thinking”  (Hebrews 4:12) takes discipline.
4. Memorize and meditate on God’s word: it’s the sword of the spirit. Jesus used the word of God in His 40 days of temptation.
5. Prayer: listening to God, He prompts us; He “checks” us.

  ***Testimony:  3 part story in less than 2 minutes.*** 

Our Testimony is how we can give back. Our Testimony is also, in a way, a source of further healing. 

  Application in my life:

I write and take photos. Every layer of the past shades the beauty that needs to be uncovered. It takes a daily death to my Self for me to see His beautiful plan. 

I encourage you to create a daily and intentional spiritual discipline. It is truly the difference between life and death! 

Please feel free to share your thoughts!

May God Always Hold us CLOSE as we stumble towards the foot of the cross,




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  1. I love your photos and the things you write. We are soft souls who are very alike in many ways.

    Paulette Motzko

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  2. Great thoughts, Greta!

    Hebrews 10 talks about discipline, and how no discipline is pleasant for the moment, but it yields good fruit. I think about my life when I was a child. My parents were strict. We had boundaries, but because I knew the expectations, I was happy. I felt safe. Those limits were there for my protection, as was the discipline. God looks at us as His children. His discipline is a loving one.

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