My Husband and I laughed SO hard this evening as we simultaneously read the blog post I wrote AND POSTED this morningDivine Illiteracy: learning to read the signs

If you happened to read it, you learned a new translation of Roman 12!  Somehow I typed: “…if you are to leave, do it diligently…”  The actual and CORRECT scripture: “..if you are to LEAD, do it diligently…”  If the mistake weren’t biblical, I would’ve fixed it without mention, however, I hold the words of the Bible in highest esteem and a formal correction is needed in this case.

Brooks (my husband) also pointed out my concern about the yard work needing to be done.  By yard work, I was referring to my gardening– HE IS A REAL MAN and does all the manly yard work around here!

Several grammatical errors remain in the post, ironically titled “Divine Illiteracy” and I have to say- I COULD NOT HAVE COME UP WITH A BETTER TITLE!!!

Cheers! To summer vacation- where moms have no quietude and their minds resemble the mass of tangled cords behind the entertainment center! I may just have to write ultra short posts for the next couple of months….

Blessed beyond words,  Greta

My Kind of Yard Work!


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  1. That was very amusing and full of grace. You turned a typo into an underline for the importance of the Bible.

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  2. tabitha59reachingout June 25, 2015 — 12:40 PM

    Thanks for the chuckle. We all make mistakes and having kids running around you, I am surprised that ANY one can get a blog out at all. You’re doing really well! God bless and have a great summer. Debbie 🙂

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  3. I really took your first quote of scripture to heart and thought it a divine affirmation to the crossroads I faced. Now, I’m wondering if it wasn’t the devil playing tricks on me. (Completely in jest, but there’s always a crackpot out there somewhere.) 😉

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