BHAG (n.): Finding The Truest Beauty

What is true beauty, really? Is it vibrant and radiant? Is it structured and poised?  Is it magnetic and adored? 
Perhaps it is envied and despised; misunderstood and misconstrued.  

Beauty is in the eye of he beholder. The definition(s) of beauty are confined within our hearts and flows out into the world through our personal expressions.

Today, I reflect on the meaning of true beauty and the quest for this multifaceted treasure. It is also my personal expression of the writing prompt given as an assignment for Bloging 101: “About Me.”

My answers need to come from God. The Bible has much to say about beauty, however, at this moment in my journey, I am resting on one specific passage in 1 Peter 3: 3-4:


“…it should be that of your inner self..” My inner self can only be beautified by the daily renewal and cleansing of my spirit through God’s Word and my precious time spent in prayer. 

When the daily renewal is not taking place, thorns and ugly slimy worms move into the vacant spaces where the beauty is meant to be thriving. 

Have you ever met someone who is stunningly gorgeous, however, once they start talking, their original stunning beauty seemingly morphs into  one of those hexabeasts (from that show that comes on prime-time TV)?  

I have…One day, I looked in the mirror and shrieked with pure terror!  I looked like one of those beasts! 

My heart had gradually become infested with bitterness, sorrow and anger and what I saw was this:


Indeed scary! But also a wake-up call from God.  1 Peter 3 describes exactly how to make the transformation from scary to beauty.  

Any beauty efficianado would tell you: beauty begins from the inside; Once the inside is on-track, the outside is “cake!”  


Tiny examples of heathy choices…😉

 Yes, they are referring to proper health and skin care regiments for that “inner glow” and the perfect canvas (flawlessly glowing skin) for applying makeup, however, it goes beyond the physical, in my opinion. 

My mom always told me, “the eyes are the window to your soul…” and it’s true.  The eyes are difficult to masque when your heart is ripping into shreds. When a person is full of joy, their eyes are beaming with light! 

Just look into the beautiful and innocent eyes of a child.  

 Need I say more?

 The goal of The Beautiful Hart Project, which I found the perfect plaque (see above) on Twitter the other day to articulate, is this GOAL:

Embrace the gospel of Christ to walk wisely the rest of my days in this world, not as the world does, but gracefully and beautifully for the Glory of God’s Kingdom.
❤️The Beautiful Hart Project❤️

Beauty is all encompassing. It is inside, outside and all around. Like a bed of roses: there will be thorns, pests and weather to counter that beauty. 

In order to stay beautiful, the roses need to be watered (washed): like our own hearts need to be washed with water (baptism of the spirit through Christ.) 

Roses need to be fed nutrients and they need pruning to optimize their potential. So do we. 

“About Me” really isn’t about me.  

I want to always exude God’s Love, Grace & Beauty!
It’s about finding, cultivating and growing the beauty from within our hearts. Only then, can we be called beautiful.



Note: this is my assignment for blogging 101- choosing a prompt from the Daily Post.

<a href=””>All About Me</a>

Day Eleven: Make a Prompt Personal
Let’s get back to publishing, shall we?
Writing prompts can be a blogger’s best friend: when inspiration is low and fresh ideas few, responding to someone else’s question can do get you out of a slump. There’s no need to treat them as requirement, though; prompts work best when you personalize them to fit your interests and perspective.
Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a blogging prompt.


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