“Doing Good To All”

Sitting in the middle of beauty (the little gazebo in our back yard) with a saddened heart and a plea to God for His guidance, I found myself in the book of Galations (specifically 6:1-10 NIV.)

Writing my prayers- journaling my thoughts and concerns- has brought on the most amazing connections with God. It is how I find balance and peace in a crazy world. 

The concept of how pressure can bring out the truth has been running through my mind since yesterday evening- it was a subject discussed in our small group. This concept caused me to reflect on my own reactions: are they consistent with my faith? Are the consistent with the examples Jesus gave? 

Sometimes people or situations seem unjust. How we respond is our choice. When under pressure (being crushed)  what comes out is, most often, what’s inside. So, what comes out of you when you’re crushed? 

For me, it’s not always pretty. This is an area I am diligently working with God through prayer to improve.


The Lesson/Conviction: Instead of focusing on the offender, it is imperative to align with the teachings of God and make sure we are “sowing” what we are wanting (needing) to “reap”.   I have to set aside pride and righteous indignation, at times, and consult God for direction.  

Knowing that God is in control, do not grow “weary” in your dealings with people and situations.  In the Bible it says: being nice to a person who does you wrong is like heaping burning coals on their head…just saying! Harsh? Maybe, but it is a prime example of what we are supposed to be doing as Christians…”Doing Good To All.” 

Prayer: Father, guide us in Your Wisdom as we encounter situations which may cause us to become weary. Be our strength, Lord! Thank you for your unending Grace and Mercy! May we be like Your Son, pouring out Grace and Mercy on everyone. In Jesus’s Name, Amen

Have a blessed day!



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