Happy Summer!  There is a building concern within my heart, as our home has become increasing popular (a nice way to say LOUD)  each day of the summer.  All the noise is starting to hit my internal panic button! 

How does a person, who cherishes and NEEDS the quiet, handle summer with Grace and Love?

How do we handle situations as “snap-shots” rather than becoming dramatic and making “Global” judgements?  

The snap-shot view: dealing with each situation separately and not dragging other issues into the picture that can just complicate the singular situation. This is the goal. 

We are not choosing “doormat” status when we choose a non-judgmental attitude. We are truly obeying God’s instruction: Following Christ’s examples. 

Global judgements may be appropriate for some situations, however, here at my house, they are generally not so great a stance to lean upon. 

 An example: 

My children have tendencies to “sneak” food from the kitchen. It is usually dessert items they know are allowed only when they ask….I can feel the heat rising now as I describe this situation.  

Globally judging this one situation brings a whole barrage of similar instances back to my mind and then they all merge together to create one huge judgment. This huge blob of judgement towards my children becomes a big blob of negativity from me, being directed at them. 

Not good. They need positive reinforcement. They need me to trade my global negativity for a snap shot mentality. 

A couple of question for you:

How do you handle your attitude? Globally or as Snap-Shots? 

How do you “inject” positive reinforcement into your seemingly negative situations (children, adults, jobs, etc..)?

This morning, I am going to rest in these verses and ask God for guidance. This is not a one-day fix for me and I look forward to your feedback! 

Have a blessed day!!!


This morning’s post has been greatly inspired by: Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs

Book by Emerson Eggerichs


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  1. Wow 😀 What a great post. I love these amazing pictures and the message on them.


  2. tabitha59reachingout June 11, 2015 — 10:48 PM

    Well, I think that if there’s a pattern of behavior, it is hard to maintain a “snapshot” view of each situation. Perhaps focus on rewarding and praising the positive things, but be firm and objective about the “negative” things. It is hard being a mom. I am sure it is even harder with a blended family. I have seen that you have a loving heart, and I believe God will give you wisdom through it all. 🙂

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    • I know exactly what you are saying! Some days are just filled with the firm and objective approach….kind of like they all got together before they came out of their rooms in the morning with their battle gear on! I had a wise woman come over to talk while the kids were swimming and she reminded me that this [age] is truly a “snap-shot” in the grand scheme of life. God IS FAITHFUL! ❤ Greta

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  3. Another great post, Greta!

    It can be hard to look at things with the proper perspective. When I feel my blood pressure rising, I try to take a deep breath, think quickly about my response and then act. I have a daughter who has some symptoms from each of the common disorders—ADHD, ADD, ODD, PDD—but we have not had her officially diagnosed. We’ve been dealing with the issues for nearly 6 years and have been doing natural therapies and healing.

    Sometimes I forget that she is a little girl and not a teenager and she needs my patience as much as my training. I also pray that God will help me to take each situation in context and not drag the past 6 years of pain and struggle into the mix. Forgiveness needs to be given to our children as much as anybody else. I think we need a little global and snapshot to keep things in perspective. Thank you for the inspiring post.

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