Truth. The root of moral character.

Rus Alan

WDIFIMost people do not like it. They do everything possible to avoid it. They deny it. They throw it onto someone else. They try to escape it personally by spreading it over society collectively. It challenges them and makes them uncomfortable.

What is it? Personal moral responsibility!

One school of psychology says that man is only a machine (and who ever heard of a machine being morally responsible for anything?). Stimulus-response associationism places all the blame on in-coming stimuli (“society made me do it; my social and physical environment stimulated me, and I had to respond the way I did. I am a victim.”).

Maybe it is heredity (“it’s my glands, you know”); or parental influences (“my mother dominated me as a child”). Sometimes it sounds theological (“it’s my sinful nature”); or religious (“the devil made me do it”).

You name it; somebody has thought of it.

Of course, many…

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