❤️CHILDLIKE HEARTS❤️: finding strength in parenting 


The days have officially adjusted- school is out.  Not to be overly controlling, however, with a sense of necessary structure, I’ve decided to recreate how we “do” summer this year. 

Summer Daily Requirements (ideas for my children):

  • Brush Teeth (obvious, yes- however…. It made the list)
  • Clean room (ugh)
  • Laundry (what’s this? Someone grab a dictionary!)
  • One household chore (might need to draw from a hat on this multifaceted list item)
  • One outdoor chore (pick up poo or pull weeds….grab some latex gloves!)
  • Read for 30-60 mins (preferably a “chapter book” so you can really experience adventure!)
  • Write one journal entry (just write, doodle if you feel the need- have fun! Leave out the parts about mom chasing you with the wooden spoon….haha- joke.)

The passage in Isaiah 43: 1-2 comforts me when I feel overwhelmed and/or unsure about situations.  I’ve been “mom” for more than a decade, however, I still have those moments where I feel inadequate or unsure about my abilities in the area of mothering.  

I’m SO blessed to have my faith in God, which soothes my anxieties- allowing me to smile and proceeded with an open heart and energetic attitude (as long as I CHOOSE to lean on Him.)

When tempers rise, I can be still and remember one of my favorite verses:  

When referring to temptations in the realm of children, I am talking about the times when they push- I need to stay calm; when we are tired- we need to take a rest; when we see beauty- we need to embrace it and thank a God for our blessings! 

We need to approach God as children

My prayer today is for God to help me, and all the moms and dads out there, to seek God as children do. To thank God for our children who are also our reminders of how we should seek the kingdom of heaven. To embrace the beauty, as well as the trials! 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Have a beautiful Wednesday!!!



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