Beauty Grows Out Of Pain!

“Mommy! Come look at our cactus!!!”

My immediate thoughts:…ummmmmmm, No?  I can’t stand those nasty things!  Why would my little girl monster be calling for me to look at a plant she knows I’d have removed from the property if I could? Maybe it’s going away? She wants me to see it diassapearing, therefore, making mom super happy?! 

Romans 8:18
Cactus flowers…who knew?!
 There you have it! Beauty is emerging from the “plant of pain!” Yes, I am shocked- and apparently shouldn’t be- everyone already knows a cactus produces flowers….except me. 😉 

“I consider that our current sufferings are not worth comparing the glory that will be revealed in us.”-Romans 8:18


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  1. tabitha59reachingout May 27, 2015 — 10:58 AM

    Interesting that you blog on this! My dear Christian neighbor moved away a few weeks ago and left me her cactus plant. While moving it around, trying to find the best spot in our front and back yards, I have stabbed myself with those nasty prickles a few times. They leave a stubborn sting behind and some swelling. My husband took over the changing of positions for that plant in order to spare me any more wounds. However, I do look forward to when it finally blooms as I have admired them on my neighbors steps many times. We have been through a great deal of pain, my husband and I. From now on when I look at my new cactus plant, I will remember that “beauty comes from much pain”. I will pray that God will do just that in my life. Thank you for the lovely reminder of the upside of pain. 🙂 ……………. Just be really careful around those babies! :)………. Debbie

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    • Debbie, I am so thrilled! Sometimes writing brings the most simple of fears to the surface (cactus, for me, apparently) and i love it when we can create positive reminders out of the fears we expose! And I will be careful not to fall into the cactus when I take pictures of them;) I’ll pray along side you!

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