I awoke around 4am (a couple of weeks ago), heart pounding hard, from a vivid dream. This dream was neither good nor bad. All I knew was that a word, which l had a vague idea of it’s meaning, was repeating itself through my mind as I sat startled in the dark.

In this dream, which I wrote out while still in the dark and 90% asleep,  a sequence of very real events played out. Towards the end, I was writing the word “Dichotomy” on a slip of paper- it was the subject of the pastor’s sermon, which I needed to learn prior to the upcoming church service (in my dream.) I’d most likely have to stand before a very large congregation and explain my understanding of the sermon…microphone in hand, beads of nervous sweat and a bunch of courage.

Naturally, once I was more awake, I had to look this word up.  It means: something with seemingly contradictory qualities, ex. good/evil. (Mariam Webster online)

Interesting. I dream a word I don’t quite understand and it’s so immensely important, that it becomes my purpose to find out about it.

My thoughts:

John 5:16-30 describes a huge dichotomy, in my opinion.  This passage is titled, “The Authority of the Son” and is described in Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary as follows:

The divine power of the miracle proved Jesus to be the son of God, and he declared that he worked with, and like, his father. These enemies of Christ understood him, and became more violent, charging him not only with Sabbath breaking, but blasphemy, and calling God his own father, and making himself equal with God…May we believe His testimony; thus our faith and hope will be in God, and we shall not coming to condemnation.  And may His voice reach the hearts of those dead in sin; that they made it works meet for your repentance, and prepare for the solemn day.

God sends Jesus.  Prior to sending Jesus, His sentence on Earth was greatly prophesied through out  the Old Testament. So, why didn’t the religious leaders roll out the red carpet?  Why did they go against Him so diligently?

To me, this is a prime example of the term “dichotomy” in our day and age.

Today, I am deeply saddened, as a family member has passed away and I do not even know if she was a Christian. The news came last night, through sobs on the other end of the phone.  The sobs came from a man who doesn’t believe in God, however, has had many opportunities to do so.  This leaves me in a place of dual mourning.

The dichotomy- the battle between good and evil- Heaven and Hell.  The scholars had Jesus Christ in their very presence! People have Christ in their very presence today!  It’s sad.  Why not drop the intelligent, scientific, historian, pride-filled act and follow Jesus?

As for my dream- I still don’t understand what it meant, however, I did gain a little more insight into the spiritual battles which rage like violent forest fires across the land.

Matthew 24 has detailed instruction on the return of Christ.  Jesus warns us that we do not know when He is coming back- not to get sidetracked- complacent or just assume you’ll have time to repent.

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.”  Matthew 24:42

My mission:  To reach as many people as possible with the gospel so they have a chance to meet Jesus, receive HIS invitation and respond with, “YES!”

Blessed by His Love,



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  1. Dear Greta …. a really good post and I felt the LORD would reveal more to you about this I have often asked about dreams, situations or words and they have come much later but also at a time when we really will understand fully …..I do know what you mean when someone dies and you do not know whether they have gone to heaven or hell it is a double grief and spurs us on to tell others of Jesus – but it is very hard. Bless you Greta love jacqui xx [I have a new blog Greta connect with me on this one] xxx

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