THE MOUNTAINS: my heart breaks for an untimely death.

A Beautiful young women died this week in the cold and rainy mountains near our home. These mountains hold years of memories for me: approximately 38 years…two of my grandparents have had their ashes released in these mountains. My Grandfather, age 82, still hikes in these mountains on a weekly basis. I stare in awe at the beauty of these mountains on a daily basis.
Rainbow and storm clouds cover the mountains (5/15/15, 7:35pm)
My husband stole my heart (our first Valentine’s date) on top of these mountains. When I first moved here (in my 20’s) I’d drive to the top of these mountains, park and then run as fast as I could along many of the steep ridge trails.  This is how I dealt with my anxiety- trail running, breathing in the crisp mountain air, embracing the strength of the natural surroundings and somewhat treacherous terrains. It was freeing and exciting.  It was also dangerous.

This evening I am reflecting on a woman’s death which has somehow struck my soul, even though I never knew her. I cannot get her out of my mind.  The news is infiltrated with stories of death, suicide, murder, etc…so what is so striking about this young lady? In writing this, the answer becomes obvious.  She is like me.  It’s chilling.

The news has yet to report the results of her autopsy.  Reports throughout the week, as crews searched the rugged terrain, showed little more than this:  she had loved ones who were concerned because she left to the mountains to “clear her mind.” ….like I used to.  She was apparently having difficulties in her life- according to her friend who she had texted not long before she ascended the mountain. 

Last night, crews found her body near the base of a very steep cliff.  I know this area well.  Even with excellent weather conditions (no rain or snow) it is extremely slick in many areas…very treacherous.

My heart goes out, with the most sincere love of God to her soul, to her family and to those who love her and are mourning her death as I type. I pray she is with her Father in heaven tonight. I pray for people who have pain, who feel confused, frustrated and alone- that they are able to find, be found and be comforted in the Love only God can provide. 

Whatever happened, the bottom line is this: she was having a hard time and she was alone. In speculation- If she’s anything like me, she was alone because she chose to be. I wish I could’ve met her so I could beg her not to isolate, not to carry her burdens alone- if that was the case for her.  In my own case- self Isolation has been the cause of immense, unneeded pain. That unneeded pain is why I write.  

This is a wake up call- I pray for God to use me, and anyone else who’s been in this place of pain, to help those who desperately need to hear this message. Amen.


It’s as though the heavens were mourning over the mountains today.

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