Have you ever felt like you just got slapped right out of your happy place?  

Psalm 94: a condolence to my heart.  Experience shows me that where good abounds, there is a force that rushes (attempts) to crush the good. That force is called satan/evil. 

Our Father, more importantly, also rushes to our aide. The verses in Psalm 94 testify to God’s disdain for evil interruptions. We are warned not to assume God’s role in avenging the foes.  We are reminded that God sees the wrong doing, hears the evil taunts and He will NOT let the evil go unpunished. 

He guards His own with a fierce vengeance. When we feel faint, like we might not be able to hold on, our Father holds us tight. Anxiety is soothed when we, in true faithfulness, pour our hearts out to Him. 

Knowing this- having the reminder of how our Lord protects His own, is how we remain solidly planted in His safety.  The phrase that repeats itself in my mind like an affirmation to my focus on eternity: “SOLID ROCK FAITH!” 

Where does this kind of faith originate? For me, it’s having gone through many trials where God has fulfilled every promise, every single time. Whether I felt I had no faith, to times where I could barely muster a drop of faith, to the times where my faith has been overflowing. NO MATTER WHAT, CHRIST (my Lord and Savior) has ALWAYS carried out His promises. NO MATTER WHAT. 

He gives us His Word. He guides us through the dark.  We are given the Holy Spirit- yet another astounding GIFT from our Merciful Father! We need only CHOOSE to accept these. Life will seem dark and ugly at times. When these times encroach upon our JOY, we must RUN!—Run as fast as we can into the arms of our Father! 

If you’re stuck, like I have been (and will be again)- quit fighting and give it to the Lord. Rest in Him. It’s not just a saying. It’s true peace and it takes your cooperation- your willingness– and then He will take care of the rest. 

Resting in Him tonight,


Note: I recommend reading the passage in Psalm 94- I typically use YouVersion (the bible app) when not referring to my actual Bible. 


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