So you call yourself a Christian?

Here is a blog to check out- not just because he’s my husband- but because his faith is on fire and very strait forward.
I love his honest posts and down to earth examples.
Happy Reading! Greta

My Christian Life

Definition of the word Christian: a person who believes in the teaching of Jesus Christ

1 a: one who professes belief in the teaching of Jesus


How many people in this day and age could use this definition to define themselves as a christian. How many people go to church on Sunday, forget the message 2:00 PM and then have the nerve to call themselves christian. What do you think this teaches our children? Do you truly believe when they become adults they will be true acting Christian?  So far how many of you know the answers to these questions. I’ve called myself a christian my entire life and there were times I didn’t step in a church for years, I wasnt only lying to God, and those I told I was, like my parents, but I lied to myself..

What good does it do to lie about what…

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