The Princess of ALMOST!

A princess, caught in the fringes.  The fringes of finality.  An apparently severe case of ADHD. Approved and Admonished- Achieved and Released. Has the princess given up? Should she?

This “princess” is standing before a panel of directors who are deciding upon the new girlfriend who will replace the old in their series that is aired on prime time TV.  She was called, seeming out of the blue, for an audition she would have been awestruck by five years ago…back when that was her thing…back when she submitted herself to countless acting classes and auditions.  Back when she actually made it onto some commercials and into the “light” on occasion.

Questions and cameras are rolling.  So is the mind of the princess as she gazes at the irony of the situation.  She is in a line of young, beautiful princesses- she notices she is clearly 10-15 years older and 10-15 inches shorter than the rest.  Her mind is clear, however, not aligned to the moment at hand….”So, what do you do?” Suddenly the “spotlight” is focused in on the old, short princess. She steps forward and blurts out, “I’m a mom!” ….laughter breaks out in the room…. One kind director’s reply, “Well, now, that’s a major accomplishment!”

Driving home, the princess is quite proud of her blatantly honest answer, among the Hollywood expectations and and would be “correct” answers she could’ve given.  It also brought on a whole barrage of memories and one huge question: what has she actually accomplished?

Welcome to the world of the Princess of Almost!

But, alas! She has a Prince to save her from her massive confusion! He’s not actually a Prince (that went well, however, is incorrect) He is THE KING. She has a Father Who sent His Son to save her from her enemies!

All the years of schooling for Yoga, Lifeguarding, Acting, University Studies, Marketing, Creatives, Fitness, Makeup Artistry, Dance, Music, Child Rearing, kickboxing…running….swimming…photography…sales…management…philanthropy…vol-un-t-eer-ing..eve-n-t…ugh! This is exhausting!  All these years of almost having a real purpose!

Was it all for Nothing?

This princess has to wake up- look up- fall on her knees and pray.  All the “almost” she’s had doesn’t even register in heaven! Her purpose is clear. With much variety “under her belt” (or should we say, gown) God has been preparing her for His Purpose.

As she realizes this, her title begins to shift from “The Princess of Almost” to “The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Daughter of The Lord!” Long new title, however, very beautiful.

She has found her purpose. She delights in her “almost” because Christ makes her “almost” into a beautiful purpose for the Kingdom of God!

Based on a real life “princess” (me).

My prayer right now is for Christ’s Purpose to be known and embraced by all who hear and are willing to receive His Gracious Redemtion from our worldly fixations and ideas. I praise You, Lord,for making us so beautifully in Your Image!

In Jesus’ Precious Name,


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  1. Reblogged this on My Christian Life and commented:
    Beautiful writing my incredibly talented and godly wife!


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