RESETTING THE COMPASS & Slaying Three-Headed Monsters

There is a point where transparency is supposed to fade into opacity.  Sharing my journey is part of my obedience, however, I’ve found myself in some opaque areas that are simply between God and I.  God’s realm, undoubtedly, surpasses human understanding and I believe we should leave it at that.  

I wish I could blame my overactive mind on coffee consumption right now.  But I can’t. I wish I could blame it on the rain, yeah-yeah! Haha. (You’d have to be somewhere in my general age range to get that one.) Ok, slipping back into that opaque zone…FOCUS, Greta, FOCUS!

Self-doubt, anxiety because of self-doubt, fears stemming from self-doubt: they’ve all been throwing my “compass” off of due north.  It’s very aggravating and puts me in a very bad mood. 

That three-headed monster has been chasing me around and around and around, telling me how unqualified I am for every dream I’ve ever had. It’s TIME to slay that monster!   

How can she be so bold, you ask?! Because, she is sick and tired of the lies and the nagging urge to vomit from the churning knot in her stomach.  It’s called submission, of which she is obviously a professional, however, she’s been submitting to the wrong side.  Her GOD is patient and enduring- lucky for her- He calls her by name and welcomes her into His Kingdom with wide open arms! 


No longer will I sit back or cower in fear,
for the day my Lord comes is so very near.  

Should I worship the world?
The choice is all mine.  
If I make the wrong choice,
with Him, I won’t dine.  

The thought of the latter
brings great pain to my soul,
tears flood my eyes;
I just want to be whole.  

Faith is the sword
which will slash through my fear,
as I follow my Lord,
His Mighty Voice
is all I can hear.

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