Thoughts are swirling. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted.  My little angel figurine that came in a little bag marked “Hope” is sitting on my nightstand in an unusual spot (staring out the same window I tend to stare out of when I’m deep in thought.)  I’m not superstitious.  It’s funny how the “hope” angel seemed to be mirroring my very same thoughts- My thoughts about hope. 

 There is something I find intrinsically beautiful about Catholic art.  It’s visually stimulating to the spiritual mind.  One day, on a hunt for a Christian bookstore, we entered a store that was clearly and purely stocked with everything you could imagine to portray the Catholic faith.  I became like a child with wide and amazed eyes as I broke the rule, “Looking is to be done with your eyes- NOT your hands…” It was then I found this little reminder of hope- not to be confused with an idol of hope: only God has the authority to be hope.  It is written in His word:

“For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope. ” 
Romans 15:4

Endurance.  Encouragement. Scriptures…His Word.  Hope.

This is going to be a confession on my part that parallels how I feel about going to the dentist: it’s not a place I have spent much time (God blessed me with strong teeth) and I’m scared to death of it.

Until today, I truly had the idea that hope was a flimsy term used by people who didn’t want to accept reality. This was not just an idea- it’s one of those subjects that I categorized along side the whimsical fairies in the forrest.  

I was wrong.

First of all, I actually resemble a little fairy in the forest and when I was a little girl, I thought they were real.  Second, God blessed me with REAL HOPE today. I can’t prove it to anyone scientifically, however, I truly felt warmth to my core and heard His voice whisper to me, “See, this verse? Hope is real. I give you hope. You are precious to me.”   

 This is where the endurance portion of Romans 15:4 comes in; endurance and consistency in my faith in God has provided me with the hope I’ve been given to continue. Coming to terms with my human tendency to rebel when times get tough- when I don’t like how my life is going- Enduring in the testing and the battles…God’s Word DOES NOT LIE.  It’s not a fairytale. It’s not too good to be true.  And for me this hasn’t been an easy lesson. 

Digging into God’s Word gives me tried and true insight to logistical sense. I was raised on “logic” and scientific reasoning. What I’ve finally realized is: God’s logic, (most often) is the opposite of the world’s logic, thus requiring a near-full rewire of my thought process and attitude. 

As I was driving today, I listened to a man on the radio who was talking about how Christians tend to feel the need to acquire and read so many books on faith in their efforts to understand and know God.  This is great, however, we Christians have an intense need to simplify and NOT replace The Book [The Bible] with all the other books.  I totally agree. 100%.  The Bible is where we learn and where God instructs us from “the writings of the past” to give us encouragement, and maybe even hope.

May God Bless You with His Hope!


📝Ps- I realize I have a couple of run-on sentences, possible grammar mishaps and so on.  I’ve been praying for an editor to help me with my writing, however, no editors have shown up yet. 📝


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