An answer from God: a piece to the puzzle.  

Pure coincidence: as the movie about David and Goliath rolls out, I just happened to be moved deeply by that story from my morning devotion…the funny part: I watched the trailer to the movie last night and thought to myself, “wow, you really need to brush up on that story before someone asks you about it, knowing you’re a Christian and all…!”

If you don’t know the story, you can find it in 1 Samuel 17;)

What touched my heart:

David is standing beside Saul, watching Goliath taunt the troops of Isreal. Saul: a king; David: a young no-name shepard boy….

This is me, standing with my Father. Right now. (Except I’m a girl…and old girl.)

We are looking across this vast and treacherous terrain at a monster who is attempting to kill and devour the Lord’s people. The people I see are those  who are weary from battle after battle, who are left shaking in fear like Saul’s troops were. 

David tells Saul, “Don’t worry about this Philistine, I’ll go fight him!” -1 Saumuel 17:32

Wow. David has FAITH and COURAGE that I would love to harness!  This young Shepard boy is so sure of the fact that God wouldn’t let him down, that he doesn’t see the monster Goliath as anything more than a hindrance to God’s purpose.  That monster is going down!  How? By God’s Will and Power being used through a humble soul who was willing to allow God to be the power- not rely on his own grandure.

This is a HUGE message to my own heart. As I stand here staring up at the “Goliath” of a mission, I HAVE TO RELY 100% on GOD to lead me. Period. My ideas are useless without Him. 

Today, my prayer is for submission to my Father’s leadership.  My praise is to God who has faithfully answered another fervent prayer! 

This blog is very humble, not incredibly visible and has not been highly promoted due to my fear of stepping out. As I grow  

 in my faith and trust in God, I want this journey of be useful.  Please feel free to share your experience, if you feel moved to do so.  

Blessed to be here,


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