On Virtue & Rest

When I began my study of the word, this morning, I came across the definition of Virtuous from Webster’s Dictionary. Whoa! A wave of insecurity flooded my heart when I read the words:

Virtuous- 1. Conforming to moral and ethical principals; morally excellent; upright. 2. Chaste.

I pray God guides me towards moral excellency, however, I can’t live up to those standards and be able to call myself “virtuous” in this human life.

Good news! This isn’t the end of the definition! There is hope for a virtuous life! Just take a look at the Hebrew meaning (which is the more accurate portray of how the word is used in Proverbs 31):
Chayil (khah’-yil)- a force, an army, strength, able, substance, worthy.

Now, these are characteristics I truly feel I can strive for and allow God to mold me in His Grace.  Speaking of His grace, I’m going to switch a bit on topic:

It’s almost time for sleep (thank the Lord!). This has been a day that could be described as a whirlwind.  A good whirlwind, however, exhausting as all get out!  I caught my husband’s virus that he battled last week just in time for Valentine’s party prep for three elementary children, an online store that is picking up in sales, my spring cleaning endeavor, small groups studies at church, lunches, and all the other things that are already on the regular schedule.  I’m definitely not complaining- just putting it on the record and and realizing it might be a good idea to take a rest.

One of my favorite blogs is from a woman who has twice as many children as I do…and somehow her hair hasn’t turned gray yet which tells me she must be doing something right.  Today’s post was inspiring (as always) and it reminded me of the importance of resting in God. It doesn’t mean we need to be idle; we NEED rest in order to be what God has called us to do! …yes, I forgot all about the fact we need to have that time to recharge.

So, in my delirious state of unrest, I urge all the virtue and God seeking people out there to take some time and regain the balance God intended for us.

Let’s Rest in Him,



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