Dirty Hands

“Live a life worthy of the calling you have received…”
Lord, calm my soul as I sit here in your presence with a humbled heart.

“Be completely humble and gentle, Be patient, Bearing with One another in Love…”

My words this morning did not mirror the words in this verse. The interruptions would not stop and I felt like I couldn’t ignore them since they were from my precious family.

Of course, as I sit here steaming in my frustrations, there’s a picture frame with Ephesians 4: 1-3 facing me from across the room (talk about facing the truth!) I think I’ll call it “the conviction picture…”

Onto the subject of my frustrations- How can I find peace, patience, gentleness and humbleness at times when all my children are doing is arguing all morning? How can I “bear” with them calmly when they refuse to stop after several reprimands on my part? I know I’m not the only mom with these questions. The fact is that our human nature lends itself to sin. Our only recourse is repentance and for our hearts to receive forgiveness from God.

RECEIVE. Sounds so simple, however, it’s proven to be extremely difficult for me. Who am I to RECEIVE grace from anyone or anything after all the wreckage I’ve caused? I found the answer: I am precious and beautiful in God’s eyes! Jesus didn’t die in vain and I have to accept His ever amazing powerful Grace! (Much more to come on this subject.)

“Make every effort to keep the Unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” -Ephesians 4: 1-3

I CANNOT do this alone! I’ve tried and at age 38 I’m finally beginning to understand the true meaning of GRACE. Yes, I know how to read a dictionary and what Grace means in the literal definition, however, the overwhelming Grace from God is now brilliantly showing it’s beautiful presence in my life. I know it, I feel it and most of the time, I am swimming in it!

God’s Grace is flowing through me like a fierce river these days and I Praise Him for allowing me to step up into his arms! He has already washed my dirty hands from a rough morning and I can get up from my humiliating moments and be new.



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